Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meet Kathy!

Kathy was the first Walker that Walk This Way hired. She had previously worked at a different dog walking service. During the course of Don's walks, he would cross paths with Kathy quite often and was impressed with her skills at handling dogs of all sizes as well as with her enthusiastic and positive personality. Don repeatedly offered her a job with Walk This Way and she finally 'gave in' in 2008.

She is an extremely hard worker - when not working for Walk This Way, she can be found working at her Mom's restaurant on the weekends. Her out-going and bubbly personality has won over the dogs she is in charge of as well as their owners. She takes her responsibilities seriously and never complains - not even when she has 10 or more visits in one day! She is an extremely valuable asset to the Walk This Way family.

Kathy is also bi-lingual (Polish) and cooks up a mean chili. Her honesty and trustworthiness is beyond reproach and many of our clients have no problem allowing her to stay at their house when they are out of town. Walk This Way is ecstatic that she continues to work for them.